Week 10, 11, 12

Week 10: Analysis Essay cont. and Argumentative Essay

3/30 Monday

  • Peer Review Workshop (in-class): Bring the First Draft of your Analysis
  • First Draft of Analysis Essay due 11:55 pm
  • Assignment: Read JTC Chapter 10, pp.380-387
  • Assignment: Read Nicholas Carr, “Is Google Making Us Stupid”
  • Assignment: Post on Online Discussion Board 12 Write a short response to Carr piece

4/1 Wednesday [no class]

  • Discuss the theme of the argumentative essay: Social media and political/social change
  • Discuss Nicholas Carr
  • Assignment: Read John C. Bean, “Encouraging Engagement and Inquiry in Research Papers”
  • Assignment: Post on Online Discussion Board 13 Share your concepts and misconceptions about research papers

4/3 Friday

  • Argumentative Essay Introduction
  • Review JTC Chapter 10: Define your role as an advocator; What is an argumentative essay?
  • Discuss John C. Bean: How to start your argumentation
  • Assignment: Read JTC Chapter 14, pp.498-504
  • Assignment: Read JTC Chapter 10, pp.398-422

Week 11: Argumentative Essay cont.

4/6 Monday

  • Review JTC Chapter 14: How to develop a thesis statement
  • Review JTC Chapter 10: How to write an argumentative essay
  • In-class workshop: Make an effective argument
  • Assignment: Read David Crystal, “2b or Not 2b?”
  • Assignment: Post on Online Discussion Board 14 Write a short response to the Crystal piece

4/8 Wednesday

  • Discuss David Crystal
  • Assignment: Read Malcolm Gladwell, “Small Change: Why the Revolution will not be Tweeted”
  • Assignment: Post on Online Discussion Board 15 Write a short response to the Gladwell piece

4/10 Friday [Last day to resign w/o academic penalty]

  • Discuss Malcolm Gladwell
  • In-class activity: Watch Clary Shirky, “How Cognitive Surplus will Change the World?” (TED talk) and compare with Gladwell’s position
  • Assignment: Read JTC Chapter 13, pp.484-494
  • Assignment: Read JTC Chapter 19, pp.615-632
  • Assignment: Revise first draft of Analysis Paper

Week 12: Argumentative Essay cont. & MLA Citation Workshop

4/13 Monday

  • Review JTC Chapter 13, pp.484-494: How to avoid plagiarism
  • Review JTC Chapter 19, pp.615-632: How to incorporate sources
  • In-class workshop: How to cite with MLA
  • Final Draft of Literary Analysis Essay due 11:55pm
  • Assignment: Read the “Introduction,” “Conclusion,” and “Paragraph Development” handout

4/15 Wednesday

  • In-class workshop: Decide your stance and formulate your argument; How to design your draft; Write an appealing introduction and conclusion for your argumentative essay; How to develop each paragraph?; Where do you want to posit and discuss your research results?
  • Assignment: Prepare first draft of Argumentative Essay
  • Assignment: Bring your draft in hard copy

4/17 Friday

  • Peer Review Workshop (in-class): Bring the First Draft of your Argumentative Essay
  • First Draft of Argumentative Essay due 11:55 pm
  • Assignment: Read Portfolio Keeping pp.17-27

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