Week 1, 2, 3

Week 1: Introduction & College Writing

1/26 Monday

  • Class Introduction: Go over Syllabus, Introduce a Class Blog
  • In-class Workshop: Write an Introduction Letter
  • Assignment: Pick up the Textbook (UB Bookstore)
  • Assignment: Read JTC Chapter 1, pp.18-25 (Genre and Design)
  • Assignment: Read the “College Writing” handout

1/28 Wednesday

  • Review JTC Chapter 1: Writing Process and Genre Process
  • Discuss the “College Writing” handout: What is College Writing? Moving beyond “The Five Paragraph Essay”
  • Assignment: Read JTC Chapter 2, pp.28-48

1/30 Friday

  • Class is held at COMPUTER ROOM: Clemens 128
  • Review JTC Chapter 2: How to read assignment guidelines, How to enjoy reading for writing, How to join in class discussion
  • Set up a WordPress account
  • Explore the Class Blog: How to use the Class Blog for class
  • Assignment: Read JTC Chapter 3, pp.50-60

Week 2: Proposal Assignment (Part 1: Reflection)

2/2 Monday [Last day of add/drop]

  • Review JTC Chapter 3: What is critical reading? Skimming vs. close reading
  • Proposal Assignment Introduction: Reflection -> Proposal
  • Assignment: Read JTC Chapter 5, pp.102-103
  • Assignment: Read “Faces of Learning” 1 & 2
  • Assignment: Post on Online Discussion Board 1: Reflective Response to the “Faces” Essay

2/4 Wednesday

  • Review JTC Chapter 5, pp.102-103: Define your role as an observer; Genre Conventions of the Reflective Essay
  • Discuss the “Faces of Learning” essays
  • Assignment: Read Jennifer Silva, “Young and Isolated”
  • Assignment: Post on Online Discussion Board 2: Prepare your reflection draft based on the “Faces” and Silva essay

2/6 Friday

  • Discuss Jennifer Silva
  • In-class workshop: Watch Ken Robinson, “Is Education Killing Creativity?” (TED talk)
  • Assignment: Skim through JTC Chapter 5.133-155
  • Assignment: Draft the Reflection Essay

Week 3: Proposal Assignment (Part 2: Proposal Essay)

2/9 Monday

  • Discuss JTC Chapter 5: the Process of writing a Reflection Essay
  • Reflection Essay due 11:55 pm
  • Assignment: Read JTC Chapter 9, pp.328-330; pp.367-373
  • Assignment: Post on Online Discussion Board 3: Analyze the Tillson piece

2/11 Wednesday

  • Expand the genre from the Reflection to Proposal
  • Review JTC Chapter 9, pp.328-330: Define your role as a problem-solver; Genre Conventions of the Proposal Essay
  • Discuss rhetorical features of a student essay, “Death, Taxes, and College Tuition”
  • Assignment: Read Kenneth Oldfield, “Humble and Hopeful: Welcoming First-Generation Poor and Working-Class Students to College”
  • Assignment: Post on Online Discussion Board 4: Critically examine the Oldfield piece

2/13 Friday

  • Discuss Kenneth Oldfield
  • Assignment: Read JTC Chapter 9, pp.346-365
  • Assignment: Read the “Brainstorming” handout

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