Discussion Board 9

Read Martha Nussbaum’s list of human capabilities and look back over the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. What differences can you find between these two writings?


17 Responses to Discussion Board 9

  1. These two writings have not really big difference because both writings are explaining about the humans rights but the only difference I saw that the second article in the specific way is trying to tell us that not every country have this opportunities and abilities to follow the human rights due to the socio economic. Also, in every country and every family have their own traditions and culture to live their lives. The second writing also said that to keep these human rights and capabilities, we should treat human as human too, like how we treat ourselves in order to respect our rights. In addition, the first writing is listing the declaration human right universal means that to give people the opportunity to be free in their lives, to have the right to live as they wish.


  2. wpaden says:

    The Declaration of Human Rights and the article by Martha Nussbaum are quite different in their writing styles but both of these documents serve the same purpose i.e. discuss Human Rights in different aspects. Nussbaum’s “Central Human Capabilities” is much more precise, detailed and discusses specific examples of what the rights are whereas UDHR has a much simpler format where the rights and freedoms are just listed. Compared to the UDHR I think CHC provides much more information on what the rights are, which I believe is very important for people to know.


  3. dershent says:

    Both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Martha Nussbaum’s “Human Development Approach” or otherwise known as ” Capability Approach” are written in similar manner. Both having written in a very formal and structured manner and are regrading human rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is more of listing out what is considered rights to that those are human encompassing as many situation and factors in detail while being broad enough to allow different culture, races or country adopt in their way. While what Martha Nussbaum’s “Capability Approach” is written to promote human development in mind, and is listing what is determine as a need for a human to reach their maximum potential. She then propose that this should be use as a basis of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights instead on what proposed and agreed years back.


  4. rnreagan says:

    Nussbaum’s writing is more informative than the Declaration of Human Rights. It goes more in depth on the idea of human rights and what they really mean and how they should be. The Declaration of Human Rights is more of a statement whereas Nussbaum’s piece feels like a discussion. She specifically describes human rights as a way to compare countries, and the Declaration of Human Rights is written as more of a guideline on what is expected of all countries.


  5. tommydang says:

    There are some differences between the two writings of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the article Human Rights and Human Capabilities by Martha Nussbaum. The first difference is that the article is written in first person where Martha expresses her opinions, whereas the Declaration is not, Another difference is that Martha’s writing seems more complex and more detailed, possibly for a more educated audience but the Declaration seems more similar to read, possibly for a younger audience. Despite their differences, the two writings still tell basically the same moral about human rights.


  6. While the UDHR discusses goals or laws that are needed to be achieved, Martha Nussbaum’s writing approach the subject differently, expressing them as capabilities that we are able to achieve if we work towards it. And instead of just listing the rights, Martha Nussbaum’s piece also talks about how the approach method came to what it is now and what we could get from it. So in that sense, it is more focused on the method than the rights, compared to the UDHR.


  7. junhyeoperic says:

    The UDHR is more about the article that is saying, what is their goals or their rules. It was pretty much what it is saying to us that we need to get better at those points and need to be achieved. Otherwise Martha Nussbaum’s writing is more about trying to make us understand the problems about the mistreated people each other. Also, it is telling us. how the victim will feel about that situation. Personally it makes me more care about it than UDHR.


  8. tgmeehan says:

    The article by Martha Nussbaum and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are very similar articles in the facts that the both address problems and what we need to do to to solve them. although that both take different methods of addressing these issues and discussing them. that declaration of human right approach show more of guidelines and goals of what they want to happen with various problems. while the piece by Martha Nussbaum is more directed and in depth of the main problems and solutions.


  9. jasonkimik says:

    The Martha Nussbaum’s writing and the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights may sound similar, as they are both about rights that every human is entitled to have. However, they differ greatly. While the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, or the UDHR to be short, lists several rights that people should bear, Martha Nussbaum’s writing doesn’t use the world, “right,” and goes on details more than what the UDHR does, and she lists capabilities that every democratic society should ensure its members. Instead of the human rights, she focuses on an idea called the human capabilities, which focus on what individuals are able to do.


  10. Te-An Chen says:

    Martha Nussbaum’s list of human capabilities and the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” are very similar articles. Although they wrote in different style, but they both address basic rights that human should get. I think Martha Nussbaum’s lists of human capabilities are more detail-oriented than the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It gives a reason of why each rights need to be respect, and how to be respect. The article of UDHR just listed each human right in a simpler way for reader to read.


  11. dckim5 says:

    After reading both the universal declaration of human rights, and Martha Nussbaum’s list of human capabilities, both are similar in that they address rights which all people should have, however the two articles differ a little in that in UDHR, it addresses the basic freedoms while living in a country, like being able to have a say/or influence on the government, being capable of finding a job, or owning property. Nussbaums list focuses more on the basic things she believes everyone should be able to exercise, such as being able to express ones feelings, and maintaining good health.


  12. djlee7 says:

    Both articles are very similar. Both articles talks about human’s basic rights that everyone supposed to have. The difference was author’s different style of writing. The autor of “UDHR” just listing the human rights and ta about what’s the problem. However, Nussbaum’s list of human capabilities was more complex and detailed and talk about solution for the problem.


  13. gunhoko says:

    The two writings both talk about the human rights. However, Martha Nussbaum’s article discusses more deeply and specifically than the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” The Nussbaum’s writing is more from a perspective of a person whereas the Universal Declaration is written from a legal perspective. Also, Nussbaum even talks about other species. As the titles imply, “Human Rights and Human Capabilities” was easier to understand as it had more information. However, the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” is a declaration written by United Nations – a very formal piece of writing with a length as succinct as possible. The two writings talk about the same topic. But, they are very different in style, tone and in the amount of details.


  14. Both articles talk about human rights, but Martha went more in depth than the decdepth.claration. The declaration states nothing but what humans can be legally and in what way they are protected. Martha mentions what humans are capable of doing, and things about their life, reason and emotions.


  15. aidanobr says:

    Both documents seem to attempt to accomplish the same goal. although Martha’s documents feel much more personable, emotional and straightforward. a major difference i noticed between the two was the writing style. a contributing factor to this is probably the difference in time. another difference was marthas seem to leave much less room for interpretation all of her concepts seemed very basic and very fundamentally sound. from history we know how differently the constitution can be interpreted. although i feel the reasoning behind this was that martha was able to work of the preamble where as the constitution there was no precedent and it was the first of its kind.


  16. ejmeyer says:

    Nussbaum’s list of human capabilities and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are similar in the fact that they both talk about the opportunities that are given to people. The difference in these documents is that Nussbaum’s article is more personal then the other. The UDHR give the reader the ability to interpret the meanings behind each article while Nussbaum is very straight forward with getting the meaning across.


  17. gjalmont says:

    Martha Nussbaum’s list of human capabilities and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights share a lot of similarities. The both have the goal of settings a standard for basic human rights. They both also take similar structure with a preamble that discusses human rights and then another section in which they discuss the rights that people must have protected. The UDHR has 30 articles while the HRHC holds a list of 10 points. Both declarations share many of the same ideas for human rights, with the difference being the way the address them. I also think that it is clearly manifested in the HRHC that it is more contemporary with its different word usage as opposed to the UDHR.


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