Discussion Board 8

Pick one article (or one passage from the preamble) from the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” and discuss what you think about it. For example, do you think the article that you picked is well protected in the United States? Do you think every country has a similar standard toward the article 3?


18 Responses to Discussion Board 8

  1. rnreagan says:

    Out of the Articles in the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” I believe Article 18 is one of the best protected rights in the United States. Article 18 summarizes the right of freedom to practice one’s own religion which is a right most commonly recognized internationally with our country. Historically, the US is a country in which individuals seek for this basic freedom they are not granted in their own country.
    The United States also displays effectively the premise of Article 3 entirely. However, not every country shares this philosophy, which is clearly seen in areas such as the middle east where religious-based terrorism is commonly practiced and in third world countries such as Somalia in which a lack of security in any sense is present. Both result in extreme violence when the idea of basic living rights and safety are ignored.


  2. The article of my choice is article 23 which is about the human right to work. And generally in the United States, whether the article is being carried out well is controversial. Not long ago, the President mentioned how the minimum wage is not sufficient enough to match the amount of remuneration favorable enough to support the item three of the article. Other than the minimum wage, such as working condition is also debatable as there are strikes that happen every now and then, meaning there are instances where the article is not being protected perfectly. And many countries who believes in the Universal declaration of Human Rights still does not follow the article well, often having really bad working condition and remuneration. For example, in South Korea, working overtime without reasonable pay is very common and there were a few times where the company tried deny the right of their employees to join the worker’s union.


  3. Among these articles, the 25 article in my opinion is well protected in the United States because we all know health is the most priority things in our lives, without heath we cannot do anything else. So, the government has assured that everyone should have health insurance which is free for every individual who is living in the United States. The medical fee is paid by the health insurance that’s the greatest things in USA. Also, I noticed that no patient should be claim for the medical fee until he is recovering because they put life before money. However, in some countries especially my country Guinea, before they treat you, you have to pay first in order to assist you if not they cannot do anything about it. Doctors can see you dying of pain, just few of them have the pity to help you and this is deceiving in my country. Many people died like that. Everyone has the right to be healthy, to have free access to health but many countries are not respecting or following the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Not every country has the same standard of the article 3. Some people still suffers for their rights. Everyone has the right to the security, life and liberty of expressions, that’s obligatory and mandatory in the universe.


  4. gunhoko says:

    Article 23 states the right to work in a just and favorable environment with the right to just and favorable remuneration for oneself. However, this is not the case for the majority of the workers in many states of United Nations – one of which is South Korea. For the majority of the workers in Korea, – especially those who work for big conglomerates – working overtime without just remuneration. Furthermore, joining the trade union for the projection of one’s interest usually has a negative influence for the employees. They will not be fired immediately, but the company will eventually find a way to stop employment. Such condition has been the norm in Korea and many Asian nations. However, it seems the power of capitalism is too overwhelming for such condition to be altered for the better of many workers.


  5. tgmeehan says:

    The Article from the preamble that I found to be one of the most imperative is article 19. This article embodies that everybody has the right to freedom of opinion and expression. As well as “impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers”. This is an extremely important article because freedom of opinion and expression is crucial for showing your view to society and benefiting society as a hole. It is important especially in the U.S because it is not always up help and is sometimes skewed by the media as well as occasionally censored by the government. Article 3 is shown in the United States government superbly, everybody is given the right to life, liberty and security of a person and anybody can achieve if they work hard enough. But there are many examples of other countries such as some third world countries and countries led by dictatorships that do not follow this article because it is not always possible for have rights and achieve be safe in their country.


  6. wpaden says:

    From the articles listed in the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, I believe Article 2 which discusses about the entitlement to all rights and freedom is quite well protected compared to other countries. United States citizens consist of people from all parts of the world. NYC itself is one of the places with most diversity. And considering how most people are comfortable living in such a diverse place is indeed because of their entitlement to their basic rights and freedom which they may be deprived of, somewhere else. If I were to live in another country or some homogenized country, I may only have rights and freedom to a very limited extent while here in the United States I’m fully entitled to all the rights and freedom. Thus, I think this Article is pretty well protected in the US compared to other countries.

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  7. From the Universal Declaration of Human rights, i believe Article number 2 is one of the few most important ones, because it is basically the declaration that enforces all the other articles in the country. It allows every individual to have freedom of their own, and to be ensure that no injustice actions will come into play. I believe our country has very similar standards when it comes to article number 3.The United States of America has made sure to protect their citizens by giving them freedom to live their lives however they please, and to protect them from all harm to the extent of their abilities.


  8. djlee7 says:

    I think article 18 is well protected in United states compare to other countries. It states that everyone has the right to freedom of thought and religion. in my experience, I went public high school with many kids who have different religion and the school accept many things to support their religion like excused absent and room for their pray time. For this reason, i believe that article 18 is well protected in the United states.
    I don’t believe that every country has a similar standard toward the article 3 which states that everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person. U.S is one of country that well protect article 3. However,unfortunately, not every countries does that. These days, ISIS is an big issue.
    I heard many news that many people got killed and executed brutally because of the religion. it shows totally different environment depend on human rights are well protected or not.


  9. chrisveress says:

    I believe article 1 is the most important article because it encompasses all the other articles. The article is saying that everyone is born equally and we all should have the same rights and treat each other with dignity because we are all human beings and everyone deserves that respect. This article is not always the best protected because of racism or sexism or a stereotype of a certain religion. For example what happened in Ferguson Missouri is a perfect example of this. A lot of people would say that Michael Brown was killed unjustly because he was black and a number of people would also say that Darren Wilson was let off because he was white. Others would disagree and say the court rulings were just and fair. This race riot led to the death and injury of many people and pitted whites versus blacks. This country has other problems when it comes to religion even though this country was built on freedom of religion. People stereotype other religions as dangerous or alien and do not respect the people that practice this religion. This country has a huge problem with respect and treating others fairly and this problem will only continue to grow.


  10. eonjoopark says:

    Ann: Out of all the articles listed in the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, I think article 19 is well protected in the United States. The first amendment of United States Constitution guarantees freedom concerning speech and expression. Everyone should have the freedom to hold opinions without any interference. I think everyone is equal for being a human, who has the right to say “I am a better human being, so I can control people’s expression?” Article 3 “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person”. I think this is extremely important and should always be the standard in every country. But the truth is “no”, not all the countries have this standard. People in countries such as Iraq and Syria have their life and security being violated.


  11. gjalmont says:

    The “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” goes over a number of issues pertaining to what every nation should grant their people the right of. One article that i found particularly interesting was Article 19. Article 19 is one that states that everyone has the freedom to opinion and expression. This is a fundamental freedom to those in the United States, among many others. I believe that it is an important right to be able to voice your opinion on various matters and to be able to express different thoughts and ideas through media. This right allows for people to have a voice and makes sure that the people will not be oppressed to think and say whatever their government tells them to think. Article 3 is one of the most important articles listed in this declaration. It ensures people the right to life, liberty, and security of person. This means that people have the right to their life and freedom as well as being able to secure yourself from outside forces. Most countries today, including the U.S., recognize this as an essential right. At this point in time, most countries are civilized enough to grant this right to its citizens. However, this does see some exceptions. There are still countries whose people are deprived of this basic right, among others. Even countries that do grant this right to its citizens sometimes might take away these rights as a form of punishment; the penalties for some crimes call for a punishment resulting in prison time which deprives a person of liberty, and some more extreme crimes can result in execution which takes away a person’s right to live.


  12. dershent says:

    I think Article 11 is really well up hold in the United States. This can be seen through the Judicial system in the US, how the defendant is innocent until proven guilty. If reasonable doubt remain, the defendent will be acquitted. To add to the list, the rights of criminal/civil defendant are also well up hold in the US. Defendant are allowed to remain silents when apprehended and to seek representation. Although US up hold article 11 well, not every country do the same. Some countries defendant are guilty until proven innocent when accused of a crime, some example would be like mexico and a minor offender China. Though i think Article 15 is almost true to most establish country (thats not in mist of war or internal strife), where most that are born there are naturally citizen to that country.


  13. tommydang says:

    I think article 1 is the most important because it talks about all human beings being equal. They should treat others the way they want to be treated. I think this covers what is being said in the other articles because if you treat others how you want to be treated, the world would be a better place. I also think the United States is trying to protect this right but it is very hard to control what everyone does. People usually stay within their own group or ethnicity and treat everyone else differently than how they would treat people they know. I don’t think every country has the same values as the United States in article 3. If they did, totalitarianism and communism wouldn’t have existed. In some countries, leaders take over because they believe some people don’t deserve certain things and some other people are. That is why there are some people who are called royalty that get more rights than those people called commoners.


  14. aidanobr says:

    Article 1 in the preamble is very short and to the point. it states “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.” i believe this statement is very well protected by the United states. what i also believe though is that this is and ideology of how a US citizen should be treated and conduct themselves. even though the US protects this claim i believe that every citizen should do there best to pursue and live this claim out and that that is where the issue is.in the US every citizen does not act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood and that is a big part of the issue. as far as article 3 is concerned that standard was really set by the US and although at times it doesn’t seem very well protected it is definitely pursued more than others. especially countries like north korea which hinge on the complete opposite of that ideology to run their country.


  15. ejmeyer says:

    Article 1 of our preamble is very important because it shows that everyone is born equal. it doesn’t matter based on race or religion, everyone is born equal. People sometimes don’t always see this trough and try to give others the short end of the stick when it comes to having equal rights. Not every country has the same out look that the United states does about article 3. Many people are not allowed to do things based on their religion or their gender in many foreign or middle eastern states. In some of these middle eastern countries, it can actually be a crime to practice a different belief.


  16. junhyeoperic says:

    As go through this articles, I loved the article 18, that talks about Human rights freedom of thoughts. If I throw the examples on this article, It will be my country, Korea which there is right to do whatever they believe in, but the fact is not that great of freedom in our country, but the USA that I have been here I think there is lots of freedom that I do. So I think it is the most impacted article that I see in this paper.


  17. dckim5 says:

    I think article 20 from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is well protected in the United States. Unlike in other 3rd world countries, groups don’t really terrorize you into joining, people have the freedom to choose which organizations to participate in. Especially in more of the bustling cities in America like Los Angeles and NYC, you can see all the different kinds of associations getting together and making a statement to get known, whether it’s through a march or some form of protest. People also in the United States have the privilege of being able to join a group and proudly show embrace it. They don’t have to worry about whether or not their life is at threat for being part of a certain group.


  18. jasonkimik says:

    From the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” I choose the article 11. I certainly believe that it is not only not kept well but also highly ignored in the United States. Many people who are suspected as terrorists are sent to prison camps in Cuba without being proven guilty. However, it is not just about those terrorism suspects, some people in a certain racial group are treated unfairly by the police under a baseless assumption that they committed a crime only because of their race. In order for the United States to claim that it is keeping the Universal Declaration of Human rights, many injustices should be fixed.


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