Discussion Board 3

Read Tilson’s “Death, Taxes, and College Tuition” carefully, and answer to one of the questions below by 12:00pm, 2/11/15.

  • What do you think about the opening paragraph? What kinds of rhetorical moves does she use? Discuss the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of her introduction.
  • Summarize her solutions and discuss any limitations of them that you have found.

19 Responses to Discussion Board 3

  1. ejmeyer says:

    In the opening paragraph, Tillson begins with adding on to Benjamin Franklin’s quote about the increase in college tuition over the years. She continues with giving some statistics and states that without a college degree, many Americans can’t get a job in today’s economy. This had a great impact on a reader when actual numbers are being put right in front of their faces. An ineffective sentence that she follows with is by stating that some can still afford the rise in tuition without that great of an impact on the family’s life. This draws away from the severity of her point of how serious this issue has become. Through her studies, Tillson found that the main increase in tuition did not come from an increase in educational aspects necessarily but actually an increase in administration, repairs/updating, and support services. The solution seems to find ways to balance spending on those things without increasing tuition for students do dramatically.


  2. This essay’s title uses a modified version of a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin. And then on the introduction the whole phrase is quoted, catching reader’s attention. And then she adds on her opinion to the quote and asks Mr. Franklin to Higher Education into his quote, saying higher education is as certain as death and taxes. And later she explains how the college tuition has been going up way faster than the inflation rate, which makes it harder for family from low income family to enter college and university. Later she gives a short summary of her solution for the problem. And I thought to serve the role of introduction, using a famous quote definitely helped catch readers attention but at the same time after reading the introduction it kind of doesn’t make sense because if higher education cost is as inevitable as the taxes and death, why bother fight it?


  3. rnreagan says:

    This student’s introduction is a great start to an interesting essay. Her opinionated observations and use of an influential quote grabs the reader’s attention right away. The presentation of important statistics and eye opening claims invokes thought on the heavy cost of education today. The topic has specific relevance to our class of college students who are the ones paying the current rates the writer describes, further making this piece one of high interest to a reader such as myself. She did a good job opening up her essay in an effective and informative way.


  4. dckim5 says:

    I love the way how Tillson quotes Franklin’s statement on death and taxes, then proceeds to add onto that comment in her first paragraph. By doing this, it allows her to do an eloquent job of jumping right into the issue of College tuition. The way Tillson organized her opening paragraph gives the reader a good understanding of what her overall argument is going to be about in her coming paragraphs. I also like how she gave solid numbers on the percentages of tuition, it pushes to persuade the reader even more about how tuition is an eminent problem that needs to be addressed.


  5. bohdantr says:

    In response to the problem of expensive tuition, Tillson suggests more colleges move to need-based financial aid, as opposed to merit-based. She also wants state and federal government to put more money into funding education to offset tuition. Lastly she reminds the reader of the cost-effectiveness of public education. A greater emphasis on need-based financial aid is reasonable because it doesn’t require institutions to spend more money. However, on her second point, government money is spread across a lot of sectors. A convincing call for more funding of universities necessarily must factor in how the decrease in spending in other areas is worth the benefit. Her essay doesn’t do this. More students going to public education is valid because private schools generally charge more. However, there are some exceptions: Ivy League schools give free tuition to students with families below a certain income range.


  6. gunhoko says:

    The author, Jennie Tillson, begins her essay with a quotation by Benjamin Franklin which is immediately followed by the author’s monologue. The quotation that starts off the essay triggers the readers’ curiosity, which is answered immediately by the author’s purpose of this writing. Tillson then goes straight to the main point of the crisis of the problematic tuition fees, backed up by the flourishing new information of statistics and facts to the readers – in order to fully grasp hold of their attention. In the introduction, Tillson effectively catches the interest of the readers and sufficiently describes the message of the universal crisis of the tuition fee inflation.


  7. tommydang says:

    I think the introduction by Jennie Tillson is a very effective introduction. The first sentence captures the audience’s attention by making it seem like a conversation instead of an essay about college tuition. She then supports her claim by stating that how college tuition increased by giving out huge percentages which can shock her reader and cause them to be more engaged in reading what is next. She uses the introduction to explain the problem and a vague solution in solving the problem which makes the reader want to read the next paragraph. Jennie does a good job writing the introduction, which I think is the hardest part in an essay. Her introduction shows a good example of what an effective introduction looks like.


  8. In the opening paragraph, she adds onto B. Franklin’s quote on death and taxes. She immediately points out that each year, college tuition has been increasing and more harder to pay off for certain class students. This introduction can grasp the reader’s attention because the people who would most likely be reading this, would be college students or any adult that is currently supporting a college attendant. She shows data, charts, and evidence throughout her essay, that proves universities are increasing their tuition, and how the distribution rate of financial aid is unfair to the lower class citizens.


  9. dershent says:

    Jennie Tilson did a really good job in providing a powerful introduction using the famous Benjamin Franklin’s quote and using the quote to present the issue in a unique way. Jennie, by telling Benjamin Franklin to add higher college tuition to the quote, she sort of metaphorically presented the issue to the readers. According to the quote, nothing in the world is set in stone but death and taxes and now high college tuition. This help the readers relate how this issue is a concern to everyone. Like death which everyone will experience when they age in the face of time.Taxes which encompass all that have a national identity, “contribution” that your state or nation will hold you to. Now college tuition which is added to the list, is required for most to enjoy the success in life, especially the American dream. It is a tool to get out of poverty and enrich a person’s life and career especially in this highly competative world where decently paying jobs are hard to come by without an education. I think the use of the quote and introduction really explain to the readers how serious this issue is to those affected, which is everyone.


  10. wpaden says:

    Through this essay, Tillson suggests a number of things to address the problem of expensive college tuition- that colleges should redesign their financial aid systems and make awards mostly based on needs as against merit based. She also adds that states should provide higher funding towards schools. However, I don’t think states will be able to provide any higher funding because they have to use that money for various other things. In contrast to Tillson, I believe that students who are willing to educate themselves, regardless of their economic status should receive the most financial aid. Even if one is from a lower class, if there is no willing to go get an education, than that funding towards the person’s education can be a total waste.


  11. teanchen says:

    Jennie Tilson used a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin for her introduction of this essay. It was an effective opening, because it grabs people’s attention by putting the word “Death” and “Taxes” together, which would make the readers curious. She also mentioned the college tuition issue very straightforward in her introduction, which would let the readers understand the topic very quickly and effectively. As we can see, Tilson did a lot of research by using many quotes from many economic professionals online, which works well with convincing the audience. Overall, I think the introduction sounded convincing and effectively in her essay.


  12. aidan says:

    The author hypothesized many routes to make college more accessible to the greater public. her first in three solutions is that colleges need to spend there money more strategically. the preface of this solution is that colleges are starting to focus their spending on keeping facilities up to date rather than focusing on classroom education. also this focused spending on facilities is causing the college to therefore raise tuition which many cant support. another point of emphasis for the author is that the government must play a role in the solution and aid in state attendees more than they are. the third and final point of emphasis of the authors is the role of the students and the families. they need to seek out the best path for making college affordable whether that path is taking ap courses or going the community college route.


  13. gregkim360 says:

    Jennie Tillson’s first paragraph is reader friendly and has a straight-forward thesis statement that is simple to understand. She also includes recent statistics to support her statement about higher college tuition during the past decade. The way she introduces her topic is very effective and easy to read. She also surrounds it to a quote by Benjamin Franklin that instantly grabs the reader’s attention.


  14. adamnethero says:

    Ms Tillson in her opening paragraph used the expansion of the famous Benjamin Franklin quote to include the inevitable rise of college tuition. This accurately describes how the new normal is the yearly increase in how expense college has become. She uses the tough job market to demonstrate the necessity of a degree, though due to the high cost fewer can afford it. This is then triggering the secondary effect of the growing stratification of the classes. Only the affluent or those willing to undertake massive student loan debt can access it. This is no good for society as a whole, and the solution needs to be one that includes all those involved. With everyone having a stake in the success of society, everyone needs to be a part of the solution, a rising tide carries all ships.


  15. jasonkimik says:

    Death and taxes, as suggested by Benjamin Franklin’s quote, are unavoidable. However, Jennie Tillson is here to add one more, higher college tuition. By using this famous quote, she is trying to emphasize how unavoidable a college is, as a college degree is getting a necessity in the job market today, and how high the college tuition is getting. This is really effective, because readers can see the frame of the issue fast and understand the issue by knowing what the situation and the effect are.


  16. tgmeehan says:

    Tillson introduces the essay with an interesting controversial quotation which can lead to a very interesting issue connecting to this quote. in this essay tillson addresses the risising cost of college and how it is becoming more costly to afford an education even though it is not necessarily improving drastically aside from keeping up with technology. I find that this introduction was very informative and did a terrific job at introducing the topic. She mentioned how a degree is necessary in this day and age to survive, although it is extremely difficult for many families to afford and almost not beneficial to take the financial hit and dept from furthering their education. Because of this she states “The crisis has grown to the point where all involve must contribute and sacrifice in order to make college more accessible for tomorrow students” which shows we all have contribute to the cause.


  17. junhyeoperic says:

    This essay is very well written in my opinion. I can see the point that she is trying to make in this essay. It is also very clear that she does not pleasant to have this high college tuition. As my experiences of reading or writing papers, if you are too negative about the thing you are writing, sometimes it could be too much bubbles on her essay, but hers was not the case I was thinking of. I do not know if I am in same situation with her such as paying so much money for the college tuition is not fair, because not the all students are having the job that are related to the major they were in, and it is hard to go back to college because of high payment of college fee is not something we can just do over and over again for living our life. So people just decided to do what they can do for paying the college fees off. I can completely agree with her. Also I see her essay is very effective.


  18. gjalmont says:

    Tilson began her essay with a good introduction. In the introduction she uses a quote by a widely recognized person, Benjamin Franklin. She effectively uses the quote to make it fit into the issue that she discusses, the increased rate of inflation on higher education. The quote talks about the inevitability of death and taxes to which Tilson adds higher education costs. Tilson discussed the importance of higher education in today’s society and how it is becoming harder for those from lower income to pay for higher education. Tilson used the strategy of solid numbers and statistics which can give the reader a more straightforward idea of the situation. One of her solutions for this growing problem was for schools to offer more need-based financial aid as opposed to merit-based. While I do see how helpful this can be I feel that that is not suitable solution. Such a shift in the higher education system will most likely spark a lot of controversy; people wouldn’t see it as low income people who need higher education receiving it but instead those who worked hard not receiving what they should have earned.


  19. In the opening paragraph, Tillson is attracting the reader, to give him the curiosity what the author is trying to say or explain in the following body paragraph. She is showing the reader the problem by demonstrating the strategies and statistics without a college degree because this is the biggest problem here. She also pointed out that most of people have really difficulties to find a job because nowadays, if you do not have at least your graduation diploma, it is hard to get a really good job. However, the cause of not going to school for students after graduating, it is because the tuition is expensive and they cant afford it, even though they can after graduating but, the taxes are increasing. So the education is higher cost. That is the most serious problem for some families. In my opinion,they shouldn’t increase the tuition because they will have a serious problem at the end with low graduating students and that they may affect the reputation of overall schools in USA.


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