Discussion Board 11

Read Emmeline Pankhurst’s public address, “I Incite This Meeting to Rebellion”carefully and then write a short response paper on a topic of your choice.


16 Responses to Discussion Board 11

  1. In this reading “Emmeline Pankhurst’s public address, “I incite This meeting to Rebellion”, the author is trying to help women and to fight against their right because women have the right to work, to vote and to claim as men. It is not only men. Women have the possibility to do as men or even more. Most of women are very strong and decisive.So,the author is fighting against women’s suffering in order to help them to be free to vote, to have their right, to even be part of the political as men do. In one word, the reading is talking about ” Women’s right and their Abilities.”


  2. In terms of goal of a writing, this by far is the most assertive out of the previous readings regarding human right. Since the speech was given to explain what she believes is right and just, she explains the course of her actions involved with woman’s suffrage movement and why she did it. Even though I believe that her opinion is just, I think being this assertive works against it sometimes like a double-edged sword, very appealing to some, and the opposite to some. Also I see in the speech how she considers all men as someone who demotes woman’s suffrage, and that is pretty sexist in my opinion.

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  3. wpaden says:

    In Emmeline Pankhurst’s public address, “I Incite This Meeting to Rebellion”, she addresses the public about the militant movement for Women’s suffrage rights. Although she points out many important things that could strengthen the women’s movement but this statement by Pankhurst really stood out to me where she mentions; “There is something that governments care far more for than human life, and that is the security of property, and so it is through property that we shall strike the enemy”. Through this statement, Pankhurst gives us an idea of what the British government was like during that time, where women were not treated as they were supposed to. I think her speech was very effective in delivering a message to the general public and it is very appealing. Pankhurst, like Douglass, has an important message in her address which she wants to deliver to the people to be able to push forward for the British Women’s Movement.


  4. tommydang says:

    In “I Incite This Meeting to Rebellion” by Emmeline Pankhurst the author defends her right as a woman. She tells her demand and blames the government for the reason as to why woman aren’t receiving the same respect as men. She says “It will be the fault of that Government who admit the justice of our demands, but refuses to concede them without the evidence, so they have told us, afforded to governments of the past, that those who asked for liberty were in earnest in their demands!” The author shows herself as a strong leader, not giving up her rights for anything. She even tells the government to take her if they can but they won’t be able to keep her in prison.


  5. ejmeyer says:

    The style and tone of Emmeline Pankhurst’s public address is very formal and informative. The passage starts out with a biography that gives basic information about her life. The biography is more like a memoirs due to the fact it only discusses a short period of time in her life. When the passage goes into her public address, the wording becomes more difficult to understand and would only be really understood by a mature audience. her main focus is how the Government is treating women wrong in many respects and they are to blame for the way they are acting. Audiences need to have a basic understanding what is going on in the United States during this time period to get the full affect of why this is so important.


  6. dershent says:

    Emmeline Pankhurst earnestly try to demand Women’s suffrage rights from the British government at her time. She went to great ordeal just to seek the same rights as the male counterpart. Which i think matches what we know as Article 21 in the “UDHR” and the last entry to the central human capability by Martha Nussbaum. Although i think her cause is just, i think taking a militant stand is quite radical and some of their radical action like smashing windows could have violated some other person rights.


  7. tgmeehan says:

    The reading by Emmeline Pankhurst ” I incite this meeting to rebellion” is a piece dedicated to represent the lack of right givin to women before most women suffrage movements. Pankhurst explains how women can achieve just as much as man and that they should be able to obtain the same rights and opportunities as men for this reason. I believe that for the time period this might have been more difficult for your average person to understand because she doesn’t exactly directly get her point across in a easy to read manor.

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  8. gunhoko says:

    “I Incite This Meeting to Rebellion” by Emmeline Pankhurst is a very formal piece of writing that targets women of the time. As the intention of the piece is to convince other women to take action for the women’s suffrage and liberty, the piece is written with firm and strong vocabulary. The writing first starts with the description of the time to help the readers better understand of the situation and status of women’s suffrage movement. After a comprehensive visualization, the writer adds the speech delivered at the time to draw a more vivid image in the minds of the readers. Explanation followed by a first-hand evidence of the time is very effective in supporting and delivering the main idea of the author.


  9. dckim5 says:

    Emmeline Pankhurst’s public address, “I Incite This Meeting to Rebellion” is a very formal piece that is directed mainly to the general public and to the government. Pankhurst talks about how women don’t have the same rights as men and how it’s unfair. She argues how the government system is more in favor towards men, and that woman should not just stand by in acquiescence. Pankhurst’s tone in her paper is anger and passion; nowhere in her paper is a sign of doubt. She adamantly stands her ground for the rights of woman, even though she mentions how there is a “great deal of criticism in this movement”.


  10. chrisveress says:

    ” I Incite This Meeting to Rebellion” by Emmeline Pankhurst gives a very public speak that is meant to ignite a fire within the people. It is a very powerful and moving speech and its very inspiring. The tone is very assertive and somewhat aggressive. This tone is unlike the UDHR which is passive and just a list of rights. She offers up solutions and ways to fix the problems that women had been suffering through at that time period. It is a very passionate speech that was aimed at women of that time to help make a difference for themselves and for future generations.


  11. In Emmeline Pankhurst’s work ” I Incite this Meeting to Rebellion,” she is emphasizing women’s suffrage. She argues how the government is more supportive towards the men, but do not give the same support when it comes to women. She expresses her feelings towards the end of the text, when she states ” Take me if you dare, but if you dare I tell you this, that so long as those who incited to armed rebellion and the destruction of human life in Ulster are at liberty, you will not keep me in prison.” This statement shows her anger and how serious she is about having the same equality as men. If the government tries to do anything to stop her, she will not give up fighting for equality.

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  12. aidanobr says:

    This excerpt is a great addition to all these messages. Emmeline Pankhurt is very formal in her writing and has clear concise message that she wants women of her era to stand up and demand suffarge and equalty between genders. I enjoyed this because just like fredrick douglas this peice contained passion and emotion that is derived from personal experience which is hard to come by. She has many ideas and answers in her writing to which makes it all the more captivating. I believe this message is more effective the wrotings like the UDHR because it doesn’t just list rules that solve broad problems ratber it attacks specific issues and tries to solve them


  13. djlee7 says:

    After i finish the reading Emmeline Pankhurst’s public address, “I Incite This Meeting to Rebellion”, i noticed that the author talks about women’s right and claim that women’s right have to improve. She argues that women’s can do as well as men does Thus women’s have same right as men. However, this piece was written in very formal. So, I believed that it might be not for average people. This piece is about women treated unfair and women can do as well as men or do better so women should should treated as well as men.


  14. junhyeoperic says:

    In this reading passage which is “I Incite This Meeting to Rebellion”, This paper is talking about the women’s right and claiming that women is not the sub for the men, they are actually have same possibility to do what men are usually do and furthermore they can do the better job than what men can do in different part. From this paper, I was really agreeing with what the writer wanted to talk about because it is from my experience, I found lots of examples that women are having brilliant idea, and do the better job and come up with better result.


  15. jasonkimik says:

    In Emmeline Pankhurst’s speech, she argues strongly about how unfair it is for women to not have a right to vote. She claims that women, unlike the social presumption of her time, can do as much as men do in the society. She claims that men who are against giving women the same rights as men are holding women down. She vigorously disputes doubts thrown by skeptics. By making strong comments, she tries to convince people that women should bear the same rights as men. She also shows her conviction in this matter by even threatening to rebel to achieve her goal.


  16. gjalmont says:

    In Emmeline Pankhurst’s public address, “I Incite This Meeting to Rebellion,” Pankhurst takes an assertive attitude towards fighting for equal rights. She seems to have be a very strong character of leadership. She is declaring that women are capable and deserve rights like the right to vote. She is angry at the government for their maltreatment of women and is strongly encouraging women to take a stand. Her actions can be supported by other such documents like the UDHR which supports action against government in the case of being denied your rights. It shows that everyone need to have their basic rights or there will always be opposition and oppression.


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