Discussion Board 1

Read “Faces of Learning” 1 & 2 carefully, and post your short response to one of the essays by 2/4 (Wed.) 12:00pm. You can freely discuss any topic that you want. If it is hard to decide a discussion subject, start with how you feel about one particular essay. You can also share your personal experience which has a similar aspect with one of the essays.

The “Faces” essays are available on the class blog (in the Class Materials Page).


20 Responses to Discussion Board 1

  1. tgmeehan says:

    The first article by Carl Glickman I found very motivating and inspirational. This is because even though Carl was able to get by in school and life without speaking, he never would have been able reach his full potential if he never had been pushed by his teacher Mr. Matheson. Without the pressure and motivation from Mr. Matheson Carl might have never went on to be able to cope with his stutter as well as he did and gain the confidence to speak in front of large groups of people. Mr. Matheson especially inspired me in the reading, having such a drastic positive influence in somebody’s life is something that I find more fulfilling than personal accomplishments and should be noticed and admired above everything else.


  2. bohdantr says:

    Zainab Ali’s teacher, Welch-Stamos had a nonjudgmental attitude. She also didn’t put a lot of effort into improving Ali’s performance or investigating her situation at home. I believe this acceptance gave Ali support to follow through with her schoolwork. Mentor relationships are best when the student feels they are acceptable as they are, despite the mistakes they make. This matches the beliefs of Carl Rogers, a humanistic psychotherapist, whose idea of “unconditional positive regard” for patients, is now common in clinical psychology programs.


  3. wpaden says:

    The story of Zainab Ali and her teacher really inspired me and was something I could relate to personally. This is because there were teachers in my life as well who really boosted up my confidence and motivated me to reach all my goals when things were hard on me. It’s educators like these that really encourage students to give their best in everything that they do despite the obstacles one faces in life. They have such a strong positive impact on someone else’s life, (as tgmeeghan mentions) which indeed is beyond commendable and deserves respect and appreciation.

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  4. gregkim360 says:

    Mr. Matheson, Carl Glickman’s teacher was very inspirational with his methods. Instead of letting Carl get around his problems and never dealing with it like all his other teachers, Mr. Matheson made him deal with his physical disability so it wouldn’t stop him from reaching his full potential. Mr. Matheson was kind and patient and let Carl finish his thoughts no matter how long it took, because what he says “is worth listening to”. Hearing that from his teacher would probably boost his self esteem and confidence in public speaking. Carl Glickman definitely would not be the same man he is today with all the public speaking, if it wasn’t for Mr. Matheson.


  5. chrisveress says:

    Through all these stories there was a common theme. Each person had a teacher that pushed them to be a better student and got them through a tough time in their life. I can relate somewhat to Zainab Ali. Zainab’s grades started to suffer during her parents divorce because she felt no one cared about her. I went through a similar experience. My first semester my grades suffered as I was away at college, and I felt very distant from many of my loved ones and friends. And I had someone that helped me through it and helped me get my life back on track. Along with this theme I got out from it that as long as anyone has at least one person to show they care about you, you can come out of a bad situation. Each person had a teacher that helped them get their grades up and in Zaniab’s case the teacher helped her get through her parents divorce.

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  6. rnreagan says:

    I connect the most with the fourth essay by Zainab Ali. Ali’s parents got a divorce causing a rocky eleventh grade year for her and a loss of motivation with her schoolwork which is exactly what happened to me. But her journalism teacher (coincidentally mine did as well) brought her back into the reality that she needed to focus more on education and that she was capable of pushing through and getting work done. Mrs. Welch-Stamos was understanding and got Ali back on track, which I found to be inspirational that a teacher could have so much of an impact on a student not only academically but on a psychological level as well.


  7. I found Maritza Brito’s story very interesting. She shares her experience with her English teacher, Mr. Jackson and his determination to never give up on any of his students when it comes to learning. Back in High School, there was always a kid who does not want to learn and sometimes give up on learning anything from school. And I used to be annoyed by those kids and thought that the teacher has no choice but to give up on those kids. If you do not have any interest in learning how can a teacher make you learn? But after reading what Mr. Jackson tried to do with his students made me realize how you can affect the kids and help them enjoy school work. What Mr. Jackson did was not something very easy to do but it definitely helped putting Maritza’s interest in learning. Even though I used to have the opposite opinion about whether a teacher should give up on kids not willing to learn or not, Mr. Jackson’s effort made me realize it does not have to be that way.


  8. Te-An Chen says:

    I felt like there was a connection with the story of Carl Glickman and myself. When I was in high school, I was so afraid of being called in class. I like the classes where you just sit there and listen. When I ask myself “why am I so afraid to speak in class?” I often thought that my opinions were unimportant and the answers that I had in mind was wrong. In the story, Mr. Matheson said something to Carl that really inspired me and encouraged me. He said, “because what you have to say is wroth listening to”. Such encouraging words from a teacher definitely changed Carl’s life in someway, and I believe it will continue to inspire more people from this story.


  9. aidanobr says:

    I enjoyed all four stories and how they all involved teachers playing monumental roles in devoloping students lives in not only their academic lives but also there personal lives. i specifically enjoyed the third stories anecdote because i felt more so than the other stories that her teacher really turned her life 180 degrees around. in her (michelle durang) story she talks about how everyone in her immediate family was a high school dropout and that she was on the same course and it wasnt until a substitute teacher, which out every possibility suprised me the most because most substitutes dont gain respect from their students and are often in and out of a particular students lives but in this case became the exact opposite. this sub was able to gain the respect of michelle and nab a full time job in the school but then continued to advocate for michelle and inspire her to not only to complete high school, but also a masters degree. the ability of a human being to reach out to what was a complete stranger at one point in time and to evidently to leaving that much of a mark truly amazes and inspires me.


  10. ejmeyer says:

    The first article by Carl Glickman was inspirational and hit close to home. During school, Carl’s teachers would allow him to stay out of the spot light because he didn’t want to be become a victim to his stutter. This changed when his teacher, Mr. Matheson wouldn’t allow this to be used as an excuse anymore. Yes this did cause some “torcher” to Carl but As Mr. Matheson pointed out, Carl’s peers didn’t care about his stutter and that by hiding behind it, this was holding him back from doing some great things. I too had a speech problem when I was younger and I had a teacher who constantly would make sure that I was making strides to overcome my fear of letting people hear me. Mr. Matheson allowed Carl embrace his flaw and turn it into something he could influence others with.


  11. djlee7 says:

    The sotry of Zainab Ali was the most memorable to me between these essays. Because i have similar experience like her. After i read the story of Zainab it brings me the meory of my middleschool. My teacher motivated me to do work hard in school and support me to reach my goals. It reminds me again power of education and how one’s life can be change totally different by good teachers who can give lessons that will last for the rest of their lives.


  12. tommydang says:

    All four stories in “Faces of Learning” were very interesting. However the story that stood out to me most was the one by Maritza Brito. She stated that she was a slacker in high school and that all her previous teacher knew that. Having her teachers know that she was a slacker, probably gave her more chances to slack off because no one believed that she could change for the better and achieve something great. Despite her previous teacher’s opinions, her 12th grade teacher thought differently and gave her a chance to redeem herself. Having a chance, no matter how small, will drive someone to do better believing they can do whatever it is they need to do. This chance that Maritza Brito had changed her for the better. She started to seek the knowledge that her teacher had, rather than just learning from him. Her story was very inspirational.


  13. gunhoko says:

    I enjoyed reading all four articles, where the authors talk about their stories and how their lives changed after meeting a truly caring teacher. Out of all four, I really enjoyed the life-changing story of Michelle Durange. She, who was from a family of high school dropouts, was about to become one herself. However, she meets Mrs. Kelbaugh and learns that she really cared for her. Above the article, Durange put a quote in her profile – “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” She was deeply affected by the caring approach of Mrs. Kelbaugh and decides that she will get all A’s, which later she accomplishes. Also, she, who was a to-be dropout, earns a master’s degree from a university – making herself the living evidence of the quote she chose. This story seems to be a good means for inspiring teachers of the importance of their roles on students’ life.


  14. dershent says:

    After reading all four article on “Faces of learning”, i find all the stories some what resemble some pieces of my life. Through out my education, i have meet teacher of all kinds, from the bad to the great teachers like Mr.Jackson. What pique me the most was the story of Mr. Carl Clickman which i can relate to the most. I was born with dyslexia which my mother realise when i was at a young age. It a learning difficulty with could be said worst than shuttering when faces in everyday classes, especially in language classes. However, i was able to meet teachers like Mr.Matheson, which didn’t try to avoid the hard and tough problems and take the easy road in teaching that I am able to attend college here in University at Buffalo. These teacher like Mr.Matheson taught me to tackle the problem and help me overcome it, face the problem, overcome it and become better and stronger. Although my dyslexia still plague me, i am now able to read and write at a appropriate pace and understand the stuff i learn.


  15. junhyeoperic says:

    Carl Clickman story is the situation that I had when I was in 4th grade,stuttering was one of me and my parent’s biggest concern about my school life. I think I had so much brilliant ideas in my mind, and couldn’t share it. However 4th grade year, I finally be able to fix that problem. My homeroom teacher likes my answer that I answered for her one time. It causes to make her keep calling to answer her questions or class material. So the teacher like Mr.Matheson fixed taught me to fix this problem. The way to fix stuttering was prepare the questions or know about them well to answer that question. Furthermore, no one thinks I am not good at speaking in front of people. So we don’t have to worry about people will think I am socially awkward. After all, it fixed me completely from stuttering, as this story goes. So I think this paper shows me that all the papers doesn’t have to be formal. It shows me that even the story that you had in your life it make s people sympathize with my story is good enough to write a paper.


  16. Danielle Kim says:

    I found the first anecdote about Carl Glickman relatable and interesting. Like wise, I’ve also struggled and tended to shy away from speaking up in class; with each preceding school year, I found the act hard and uncomfortable to do. I’d be fine at first, but then it’d get to me, and like Glickman, the pressure of everyone listening would stifle my speech. I still dread public speaking, but this article reinforces me to speak up more often. Like as Glickman said, he opportunity to speak in class shouldn’t be something you should avoid because the ideas the you may present can potentially spark or instill a new notion to the discussion as a whole.


  17. In the first article Carl Hickman, i had almost the same experience when i came to USA to study English. It was on March 2012. When i came, i started my English Program International at EPI of University of South Carolina. I was really shy because of my English and i had no friends to communicate with in order to improve my English so i was alone. My English was very low and poor.In the class, i was so afraid to talk or to answer even though i know the question because of my accent, my poor English and also i thought that my classmates will laugh at me if i made a mistake. Fortunately, i had a teacher who is really nice. In his class, we should make a presentation every Friday in front of many people. I never did such thing in my country. So when i told my teacher about it, he encouraged me, he said that its not a difficult thing. He also said that at the beginning, it will be a little bit difficulties and shyness but at the end you will be proud of your yourself. The presentation is just leading you to speak English fluently. After six months of learning English, I was really proud of myself because i thought i will never speak like I wish very clearly English. Therefore, the first article and my story is almost the same. the teacher in the article is just trying to help the student, giving him the confident of realizing his dream. Learning a new language is very hard especially when you want to speak up in front of people. It is very weird at the beginning but at the end you can see that throughout your goals you are a successful learner.


  18. In the first article, Carl Hickman had some very similar experiences and issues that i had when i was young. I was a shy individual who can complete their work independently, but when i was called out in front of the class with everyone’s attention towards me, all my confidence and pride would fade away in a heartbeat. With Carl’s case, his teacher did not give up on him, but instead he encouraged and tried to push Carl so that he would one day, not care about how his stuttering effects what he has to say. Eventually, Carl did realize that his stuttering has no effect on what his voice has to offer, so therefor, he was able to build the confidence he needed to speak without hesitation in front of an audience.


  19. jasonkimik says:

    I can say that the story of Zainab Ali and his teacher touched my heart directly. When I was a small boy at an elementary school. I was aloof with surroundings. I didn’t have confidence in myself, because nobody encouraged what I was doing, and was denoted as a troublesome kid. However, I was lucky. When I got into the fifth grade, I met a teacher that encouraged me and helped me to boost up my confidence. I was able to be more successful with the confidence and even wrote an article for a local newspaper later. Because of my personal experience, the story of Ali and his teacher truly entertained me.


  20. gjalmont says:

    I really enjoyed the first essay by Carl Glickman. I thought that it was very motivational and could inspire people to get past problems that they’re facing. I thought that the way that he told the story was very engaging and I enjoyed his use of a quote from his teacher. I think that it is great that Glickman was able to mostly overcome his stuttering problem when talking in front of a crowd because his teacher did not give up on him. Overall, I think its a great and personal story about this man’s struggle as a high school student and it gives me the message that you shouldn’t give up and you should try to overcome the obstacles in your life.


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