Class Materials

Required Textbook and Online Materials

  • Palmquist, Mike. Joining the Conversation: Writing in College and Beyond. Bedford/St. Martins, 2014. 2nd edition. (Available in the North Campus bookstore, in either print or e-book format)
  • Nedra Reynolds and Rich Rice. Portfolio Keeping: A Guide for Students. 2013. 2nd edition. (Available in the North Campus bookstore)
  • Access to the Purdue Online Writing Lab, or other writing handbook of your choice.
  • Online readings via Class blog


  • A full-sized notebook for writing assignments in class. OR, a 3 ring binder with looseleaf paper.
  • A sturdy folder in which you keep all your work for the class AND a USB drive on which you save all your writing (including multiple drafts).
  • Note: Save all the writing you do during the semester. You can clear your files in December. If you compose and revise on a computer, periodically print out (or save on disk) versions of your draft so that you have a record of its process. Keep a copy for yourself (either on disk or a hard copy) of all major assignments handed in to me. In addition, keep all drafts on which you have received comments from me or your classmates.

Reading/Viewing Assignments

Proposal Assignment

1) Reflection Essay

2) Proposal Essay

Review Blog Assignment

Analysis Assignment

Argumentative Essay



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